Havilah Cunnington

Havilah Cunnington is our Friend 2 Follow this Friday!


I first heard of Havilah at a Bible Study at Lisa Bevere's house, whom I love and adore so incredibly much! Lisa spoke such sweet words about her that I immediately jumped onto instagram and started following her.

Havilah, like Lisa, is a mom to 4 boys and is an author, Bible-teacher and is changing the faith world for females. She is a makeup wearing feminist. Although I don't think she would call herslef that, she loves being girlie and isn't afraid to fight for women in the world and in the church. She has many Bible studies worth following.

Havilah has a study out for the new year called Eat. Pray. Hustle. I'm so excited about doing this study jumping straight into 2016 dreaming BIG things! This study is available NOW. Myself, as well as 20+ ladies are diving into #eatprayhustle by @havilahcunnington (with some seriously gorgeous artwork by @andrearhowey) come mid-January to follow our season. This study will be monumental for our faith-based professional dance company

'we adore you as the one who is...' - 1 Chronicles 29

Composed of women in their 20's & 30's, all classically trained; We feel dance is so meaningful, it's beautiful, its life giving, it's story telling when words are not enough! We dance for our King to worship; We dance for audiences to share the message; We dance for ourselves to live out our calling. Being a believer artist is sometimes a lonely path, we need each other to champion on one another. Dancers who use their gifting for a higher purpose and bring movement with a message. Art to me is such an intimate partnership with our creator. To create art is us letting God take the lead. #dancepun

Here's to 2016 and dreaming BIG for dance to bring even more unity &

more and more feet willing to till the soil of hearts! || The harvest is great, but the workers are few. ||

My God sized dream is to connect with believer artists to live out their calling fully!!!

|| Dream Casting 2016 ||

Exodus 4:5 - All the artisans who were at work making everything involved in constructing

the Sanctuary came, one after another, to Moses, saying, “The people are bringing more

than enough for doing this work that God has commanded us to."

PRAYER: May my fellow believer artists have more than they know what to do with in building the altar for God!

#s2s #soul2sole #Denver #dreamers #dancer #believerartist

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