Dream Death: Dreams Slipping Away

The hardship Abram went through brought out fear and unbelief in him, resulting in giving Sarai to Pharaoh. Instead of trusting God, Abram tries to solve the problem himself but God cleans it up for him.


Abram was journeying to his Promised Land and his promised life. It’s not been easy for him until this point. His Dad died along the way, and his family is following him. I’m sure he felt a bit lost. Just when he thought he might be close, he ventured into a place that held danger.

Abram panicked. He told Pharaoh that Sarah was his sister because she was so beautiful that he thought the king might want her as his own. He was afraid he might be killed so he had his wife taken by Pharaoh into his house. But even in the midst of Abram’s fear and unbelief, God had a plan.

God knew just what to do to rescue them. He sent a plague in the middle of Pharaoh’s house. When Pharaoh finally put together that Sarai was Abram’s wife, he immediately sent her back to him.


The moment Abram bowed down to fear and unbelief was the moment he lost sight of the dream. Ultimately, you can’t be looking at two things at once.

Truthfully, you can’t look at fear and live a brave life. Living an unbelieving life doesn’t produce a believing life. No matter how much you plan or prepare, you will be in over your head and the best thing you can do is be aware of the danger lurking around the corner called fear and unbelief.


When God restores you, He gives you back what belonged to you in the first place. He returns to you all that was lost and sends you on your way to promise.

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