Dream Fulfilled: Protecting A Dream

Now that the dream is born, your primary job is to keep it safe and make sure it thrives to live. This season is unique; it requires focus, protection, nurture and health.


Once a promise is fulfilled, the environment we keep it in will be vital to the health of its development. I think this is where many of us lack understanding. The journey isn’t over; it’s just beginning. Learning to live in this new environment requires stewardship.

When we have them born in our lives, they are new and fresh, but fragile. We are just getting used to living with this new truth, and we must protect it.


Part of stewardship is protecting. The environment you create around your fulfilled dream will be necessary.

The doctors used this phrase all the time with our infants. We need them to ‘Thrive to Live.’ What this meant was the fragility of this new life required the environment not just to be ‘good enough’ but to be a ‘climate to thrive.’ It was the only way to ensure essential health and vitality.

Let’s say you’ve just had a promise fulfilled of getting your dream job. The best thing you can do is get a life coach or someone to help you adjust, read books on the position, and try to connect with those who have done this before. You are responsible for your environment, so go for it. Do what you need to do.


You won’t be in this season forever. You will gradually be able to relax, confidently aware of your surroundings. Eventually, you’re going to be able to live out this promise no matter if the environment is ‘thrive to live’ or ‘just ok’.

Remember how we talked about my journey to discovering my call to influence? I made sure to have friends around me who were cheering me on and knew my heart even if my words didn’t always match up. I listened to books, received prayer, accepted counsel, and monitored my community. I began to grow not just as a leader, but as a person, and eventually I grew in confidence. I knew that no matter where God placed me, I would be ok. I was grounded in the promise, and I wasn’t going anywhere.

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