Dream Fulfilled: Authenticating A Dream

God had one final test for Abraham. God will test us even after the dream is real. He intends to know if we have the character to hold the promise and the leadership to steward it well.


After the dream is fulfilled for Abraham and Sarah, life seems to go on as normal. Isaac is growing up as the promised son, the delight of their lives, the miracle child, until we hit a screeching halt in Genesis 22 that leaves us all spinning. If you would like to read the whole thing (and I highly recommend it), you can read all 19 verses.

It’s hard not to miss the words “your only son” and “whom you love.” It’s almost like God wanted us to know Abraham hadn’t lost any crazy love for his son. He was smitten.

God spares Isaac (and we all take a collective sigh of relief). Abraham obeyed God till the end. We learned a few things that God was looking for in the stewardship of the promise.

God wants to know that what He gives us is still His, and we are simply stewarding the promise. It’s critical we understand this principle. The moment we try to claim or own what God has given us is the moment we can lose our commitment to fully obeying God.

Our best defense is to keep surrendering and honoring what God has given us, continuing to hold the promise fulfilled with honor. If we can stay humble, we will be safe, the Bible says.

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