WOW - Wednesday - Kaylee

I cannot say enough about the Woman of the Week..our very own Kaylee Clemons. Dancing alongside her these past years has brought so much goodness to my soul. She has a way about her that makes you feel completely comfortable in your own skin. She genuinely seeks to know you as a person, and loves you even more when you share your sillier side. For me, that comes out all too much around her…I cannot count the number of times we have had a good belly-laugh-sesh in the back of class as we try to pull ourselves together to dance again. It has been my pleasure getting to know her all these years, so I want that for you to! I enjoyed asking her these questions- in her answers I hope you see her beauty, wit, and charm as much as I do!

xo, Becca

If you were to go back to you 16 year old dance self, what would you tell her?

If I were to go back and talk to my 16 year old dance self, I would tell her to take more ballet classes... Like. For reals. #couldhavebeenchiseled

Who is your biggest hero and why?

I think my biggest heroes (because I can't choose just one) would be my parents. Like I've never met two people who are more loving, caring, or generous in the entire world. They inspire me to be a better person everyday, and they've loved me and supported me unconditionally for my whole life. I know that might be cliche, but they're amazing.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what one item would you bring?

I'm going to go ahead and say that an item for a deserted island could also be a person so I would bring Bear Grylls because I'm pretty sure he can survive any situation!

What do you feel God is teaching you in this season of life?

I feel like this season is a time of healing, finding peace in God, and learning to trust in His plans for my life. This past year has kind of been a roller coaster and my breakup with my boyfriend wasn't easy at all. I'll admit that it's still been really hard to move on and be at peace with the whole situation. I think that God is teaching and reminding me that even though I think I may know what's "best" for me, his plans are so much more than anything I could hope for. I also think that God is reminding me that my worth is not and shouldn't be found in another person, but in Him alone... Pretty convicting stuff but such an awesome reminder of the creator I serve.

How has dancing for A*dore impacted your life?

I think that dancing for A*dore has impacted my life because it's brought two of the things that I love most together in one setting. I get to worship God with one of the talents he gave me, plus I get to share my faith with others through something that brings me so much joy! I think this company has also impacted me because of the friendships that I've made over the years. I've been in between churches at the moment and haven't really been able to plug in with any of the groups that I've gone to. Yet just knowing that I have a group of women who support me, will pray with me, and who share my beliefs is something that I hold dear to my heart. Plus, you know I'm a super weird/loud person and finding people who accept me the way I am is such a gift and I feel truly blessed to be apart of this company :)

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