WOW - Wednesday - Michelle

Today we honor The beautiful woman of the week Michelle Bishop! I'm sure I can speak for all of A*Dore when I say that Michelle is a joy to dance with and her talent and love for the Lord shines through her! She has a huge heart for justice and she has devoted her life to aiding in the rescue of those who have been trafficked. She has said yes to the call the Lord has put on her life and she is an inspiration to us all! She is dependable and also happens to be the tallest member of the company. We can probably all say we've relied on the dependable (and tall) Michelle to lift us in the air or catch us when we fall. Physicality aside, she strikes me as a strong pillar, one who knows who she is and is a refuge and strength for those who have no safety and have no strength. Michelle is constantly on the go... Right now she is in Iceland! We love our adventurous, dependable, strong pillar Michelle!

xo, Alexis

(Below is a little favorite's list of our sweet Michelle)

Favorite style dance: Contemporary

Least favorite style of dance: Modern (especially contact improv...I'm not a big toucher)

Favorite snack: potato chips

Favorite candy: Raisinettes

Coolest place I've ever visited: it's a tie between Thailand and Iceland

Occupation: abolitionist (anti-human trafficking work)

Favorite color: pink

Favorite song right now: Can't stop this feeling by Justin Timberlake

Favorite hobby: learning new thing and skills or traveling

Favorite character in the Bible: Joseph

Favorite movie: Pride and Prejudice

Favorite Season: I think we all know I love summer

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