WOW - Wednesday - Ashley

This week we get to celebrate our very own, Ashley Holderness! I can honestly say that Ashley is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She can brighten anyone's day and takes care in her intentionality with those she's close with and people she has just met. Ashley is a woman who lives, breathes, and exalts God in everything she does; Not only does she do this through her beautiful movements in dance but also through her incredible voice when she worships. Ashley is a light in this dark world and has brought immense joy to A*dore. She is such a strong, Godly woman and uses that light to inspire and encourage others. She is wise beyond her years and has always struck me as having an unshakeable foundation in Christ. Ash, you are a true gem and I am so glad that God brought you to this company! We all love you so much and hope you feel celebrated this week!

xo, Kaylee

What's your favorite dance style and why? I love contemporary dance. it's so ambiguous which leaves a lot of freedom to create and explore. Funny thing is I also love the structure and grace of Ballet. Ballet was my main focus growing up, so it feels good to go back to the roots (thanks Beka Arth!)

If you could choose only one type of dessert to have for the rest of your life, what would it be? Well this is a toughy. It would be a pretty hard choice between Tiramisu and Key Lime pie. If I got either of those I would be set!

What's on your bucket list this year? To record and produce at least one of my original songs, and put it in a form that I can give to people.

What do you feel like God is teaching you during this season? So many things, but to hone in on one, he's teaching me how to truly let Jesus be my savior. That I am in constant need of saving and that I'm saved by his grace, not because of anything I've done, or who people think I am, or what I may create or accomplish. He's getting me back to that fundamental truth, and bringing me to a place of complete humility. God takes humility very seriously! And I am on the journey of learning what it truly means to walk humbly with my God (Micah 6:8).

How has dancing for A*Dore impacted your life? I believe God lead me to A*Dore as a way of giving me a precious gift. When I found S2S, I felt like the lord said, "Ashley, this is my gift to you." And it has been such a gift; A wonderful place to express, create, and share life. I so treasure the friendships I have made and the honest community where I can share three of my greatest passions with each women involved: Jesus, Dance, and ministry!

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