WOW - Wednesday - Alexis

Alexis, it has been such a pleasure to get to know you this year. You bring so much joy, insight and passion to everything you do. We are so grateful to have you dancing with us in A*Dore. I can see God has wonderful things for you in the future. I can't wait to see what all he unfolds for you!

xo, Brittany

What's your favorite thing about fall? EVERYTHING! The colors, cooler temperatures, leaf piles, pumpkin flavored everything,

What's your favorite food? Cheese! But I can't eat cheese 😞 so favorite food I can eat... probably fresh berries

What's your favorite movie? I'm not a big movie person, but my favorites would have to be Lone Survivor or The Help

Who do you look up to most in your life and why? My dad. He was and still is the best dad and he didn't have a good father and didn't grow up a Christian but he made sure we had a good father and a good Christian home. My dad is one of my best friends and has always made me feel important and special.

What is one of your spiritual gifts? My top spiritual gift is Mercy, which is another word for empathy.

What is something on your Bucket List? Probably graduate college with my Bachelors in Human Services... but on a more fun note... I want to go to India for a human trafficking mission trip!

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