WOW - Wednesday - Becca (Alumni)

When I was thinking of words that best express who Becca is, the word that kept coming to mind was stalwart. I had to look it up. I second guessed myself and thought, 'surely this isn't the word for such an incredible girl like Becca.'

But sure enough, I opened up a thesaurus to see it was spot on. It made me realize God will give us a word for someone, and it can have so much more depth than you first thought. It's a good word! Other words for - stalwart:

dependable, fearless, tenacious, vigorous, bold, bound, brave, daring, powerhouse, tough, athletic, determined, courageous, dauntless, forceful, & my personable favorite - spunky!

Becca is a loyal friend who cares immensely for others, always gives way more then her very best (like who knew that was humanly possible), is your go-to-gal for just about everything, intelligent, and beautiful to boot.

We love you Becca! We miss having you around this season! We're awfully mad every week we walk into the room and you're not there. Please be well and return soon.

xo, Kelsey

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your 16 year old self? If I could go back to my 16 year old self, I would want her to know that her worth is already set in stone...she doesn't have to fight for it. She doesn't have to wonder if she is good enough, or smart enough, or skinny enough. God is not fickle: the moment He decided to die for her and for everyone is more than enough evidence that she is loved and worthy beyond compare. I would want her to find freedom in that: love who you are now and stand confidently in that.

What do you think God is teaching you in this current season? A lot. One of the biggest lessons has been advocating for margin in my life. I recently was wiped out by a virus- my non-stop agenda came crashing down and I was physically unable to maintain it. In this season, God has taught me to prune good things, so that one day they can bear good (healthy) fruit. But even just today, it occurred to me that I don't value this season of rest. I see it as a humbling and transient time until I am fully recovered. I was reminded that there is such value in rest- something to strive for in a bustling world.

What is your favorite thing about fall time in Colorado? My favorite thing about fall is the yearly pilgrimage to the mountains: I feel like every Coloradan does it. With the first whiff of aspen leaves changing, there is a bandwagon seeking color just like pirates seeking treasure. I love rolling down my windows, soaking in the crisp mountain air, and of course seeing God's beauty in all its fall glory.

How has dancing changed for you since the college years? Purpose. I feel as if in college my purpose for dance was very me-centered. As I danced for Soul 2 Sole, it felt beautiful and good to be dancing to share God's glory.

When you dream (about you in the future, hope-filled kinda dreams) what are the things you dream of? An awesome husband and adorable kids. To make a difference in urban education, especially for English Language Learners. To continue to invest in deep relationships. To explore the world.

What book(s) would you recommend that all girls should read? ​Oh man, I could talk your ear off about books. I'm a book junkie--I suppose there could be worse things... If I had to recommend one book for older girls to read, I would choose the Mark of the Lion Trilogy by Francine Rivers (I cheated, it's three books). It is a historical fiction series set in ancient Rome. The main character, Hadassah, has a heart and faith I aspire to. I absolutely adore these books, and each time I reread them (yes, I have lost track) I get something new out of them.

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