WOW - Wednesday - Gabi (Alumni)

I have the great honor to share a little about our WOW this week! Let me introduce to you the one and only Gabi (even though she has a twin, there is no one more her than her.) Gabi is in a word, a romantic. She is whimsical + lovely from the words in which she uses to the way in which she dresses. Just like someone in complete & utter adoration of something (or someone), Gabi is willing to fearlessly fight for what she deems worthy of her love. Gabi, we champion you on to be the wordsmith God has created you to be, and an encourager of others as you always have.

Gabi we love you and so miss seeing more of you. Thank goodness for Ballet!

xo, Kelsey

When you dance, how does that make your heart feel?

When I dance my heart feels vulnerable. But it's that beautiful vulnerability that only the Holy Spirit can reach. So it's a vulnerability that makes me feel free because it takes me into His presence.

What is one thing you would tell someone going through the adoption process?

Be patient! The process is long and hard, but God's timing is so perfect. Also, give yourself lots of grace. The real journey starts after your child enters your family. Your heart will go through a lot of ups and downs. You'll have moments where you feel like you're failing as a parent...but you're not. God has chosen YOU for this child. You and all your imperfections are exactly what he needs.

What is your favorite thing about you?

I'm extremely loyal! I'm selective with my friendships, but once you are my friend, you're stuck with me! :)

Where you always so fashionable?

Uhhhhh no. And thanks for the compliment hahaha. I grew up your classic homeschooler wearing horrifying dresses and with thick bangs and glasses. Now I'd be considered a hipster if I wore that stuff, but back then I was just a walking fashion faux pas! Hahaha

What is your current project? How can we champion you on?

I've been building my website (, working on creating a podcast (Monday Morning Espresso), and writing my book (The Footsteps of a Dreamer). The website and podcast haven't officially launched yet, but they will soon! When they launch, listening, commenting, and sharing with your friends would help so much with my momentum! :) Regarding the book, it's almost done! I could use prayer as I figure out what publishing avenue to pursue.

Do you see a dialogue possible to expand dance in the church?

Definitely! The arts is growing more and more in the church (especially in Denver!) and dance is such a vital form of worship that's waiting to be discovered in a church setting.

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