WOW - Wednesday - Rebekah (Alumni)

Beloved Rebekah is the Woman Of the Week! Rebekah is one of those women you can always count on. When you give her a call to ask her something, she will take it into serious consideration and always answer prophetically. Whatever it is, Rebekah handles any situation with a powerful-peaceful-presence. It literally transforms a room and brings us all to a greater place of trust.

Rebekah is 'on-leave' as she's currently busy make pretty curly hair, lovely eyelashes and tiny toes for her new, without a doubt, adorable baby. We are so excited for her family to multiply in this season. While we miss her greatly, we all agree she is going to be the most excellent mom!

xo, Kelsey

Where have you traveled to outside the US?

It would take awhile to list all the places I've traveled to because I LOVE travelling to different nations and experiencing their cultures but here are a few: Sweden, Ireland, Thailand, Indonesia, Norway & India. I also lived in South Africa for 5.5 years as a child and in Australia for 4 years in my 20's and gained my Australian citizenship as a result.

What bit of advice would you give to single ladies?

1) Don't try to impress at the expense of being yourself: I used to try so hard, unknowingly to some extent, to impress a guy I liked so he'd like me back, but what I found out was that me being my quirky self was actually far more attractive and got me a lot more attention with guys I may have otherwise overlooked. It brought about a more meaningful, comfortable, safe environment for the kind of relationship I ultimately wanted, to grow more organically. When I wasn't trying to impress a guy cuz he was so cute or super spiritual, I found a guy with way more substance and who was much more worth my time!

2) Give a guy a chance: If I hadn't given my husband a chance for us to get to know each other, because he wasn't 'my type', I would have missed out on having the chance to get to know an amazing guy due to an unknown prejudice or box I'd put the man I wanted to marry inside. It worked out well, but I had to push my prior thoughts aside, without giving up on my dreams and desires to get there.

3) Be patient: I can look back now and see that God was preparing both me and my husband for each other and if we'd met any earlier we wouldn't have been able to see how great we were for each other because of situations and values we had that weren't the true expression of who we are now or desired to be then.

What is something you found surprising or didn't expect about being married?

I think having someone around to do the 'mundane' things together is a really fun thing about being married that I didn't expect. Doing dishes, cooking, going to bed, shopping are all more fun when you have someone to do them with or to help make the work quicker.

How do you see your family dynamics changing in the next year?

I can't wait to meet our first little baby in January!! In some ways I have an idea of what to expect and in other ways I know I don't really have a clue what it will be like but I'm looking forward to navigating the transition with my husband. I think continuing to learn to give myself grace, go with what feels peaceful, and being patient with the process while choosing to enjoy it will be keys to success. Reminding myself that even though my priorities will change, that doesn't mean that I have to give up my dreams or being an individual; it just means that things will look different and we will have to look at new ways to make certain things happen. I've been dreaming of being a mother since I was little so this is a huge dream come true and one that I know I was born for!

What is God speaking into you this season?

God has really been teaching me and bringing me back to remembering to live from faith in His Word and who He is despite circumstances and projections of what 'might' happen! I've had some unexpected complications come up in my pregnancy and facing pain and listening to the worst case scenarios the doctors predicted really put a lot of fear in me, which took over my thoughts and beliefs far more than I initially realized. I realized that my focus on what the medical professionals said could happen was causing a lot of anxiety and I needed to refocus my thoughts on what God could and said He would do because that brought peace and hope. I've been reminded that faith is a daily choice to walk out, not just something you decide one day and then it's just solidified. I think this applies to the election season we've just been through and the season we are now walking into with our new president elect as well. A continued lesson that we can always learn at deeper levels throughout life: faith is a daily choice. Will we believe God is who He says He is, or will we allow circumstances to dictate what we believe to be true?

When you dance, what do you experience?

I think there's an element of it being different every time because God is always moving and doing different things, but I experience a deep sense of purpose that I'm changing the atmosphere around me to invite more of His Presence and Truth into every situation that anyone in the vicinity may be facing. Sometimes I'm aware of releasing the prophetic over people through my movement, other times it's more of a sense of intercession or warring and often it's just a pure sense of worship and adoration and celebrating who God is. I love that we have an ability to communicate a strong message and connection with an audience about a human emotion or experience through dance. Dance can bring new perspective and hope into lives that often words just cannot do and I love that doing something I'm passionate about can truly change and impact the lives of others around me!

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