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Our Studio

Revive Fit Studio is a movement. We invite anyone and everyone to become wholly healthy through transformation of body, soul and spirit. Many studios focus on the mind and body, but we take our classes a step further and learn how to renew our minds with truth as we challenge ourselves through top-notch workouts. We believe that love comes in family and that real transformation comes by preparing a place for the Lord to empower us to be who we are created to be as we steward our bodies well. As we step into God’s fullness for our lives, we will be healthy, free and empowered to carry out our created purposes.

Our Technique

Our techniques are transformative and…they work. Because our bodies are temples and should be stewarded well, our owners went above and beyond in their research to create the best fitness experience for all levels.

The Revive Fit barre technique includes small weights, high repetition and isometric movements which burnout small and large muscles, alike. Expect a total body workout and to leave class feeling a bit “shaky”…in the best way possible! Barre is a fantastic workout for all levels, as it was derived from a ballerina tending to her injuries in physical therapy. Our experienced instructors create several modifications so that beginners and veterans can all enjoy the best work out possible. We conclude each segment of class with specific stretches which help to give our clients the beautiful and “elongated muscle” look of a dancer.

Our signature Breathe.Stretch.Pray technique includes strengthening and stretching poses which center on the Lord. Each pose was created with purpose both spiritually and physically. This class offers a restorative approach as well as a more advanced class for those looking to sweat!

God created our bodies to be smart! They adapt to routine work out habits, thus there is a need for “muscle confusion”. This is why we also offer our Revive Barre AND our signature Breathe.Stretch.Pray class for a more restorative and prayerful experience. The combination of the two offers the BEST complement for toning and restoring…a match made in heaven.

Our Family

None of the above can be done without community. Life is just more fun in family! Not to mention, the Bible promises that if we pray for one another, we will be healed because the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective (James 5:16). We believe that everyone is loved, important and on the same journey to discovering who they were created to be in this world. Our instructors walk alongside our clients through outstanding class instruction, goal setting, prayer, book studies and by encouraging them throughout their fitness and life journeys. We would love for you to join the family!

Our Story

Revive Fit Studio was inspired by a trip to Mozambique in 2015. Founder, Megan Prentice journeyed out to Africa to perform hospital assessments as a volunteer for her former employer. She extended her stay to meet with a missionary couple that started a gym with a mission to get boys off the street in Maputo.

Not only did this gym employ street boys and teach them business skills, but the social business team relentlessly invested in the boys’ education, food, clothes and every day life skills, like opening a bank account (but so foreign to the boys). It was a sustainable model that worked! Megan returned from the trip, and through a lot of prayer, knew she was being called to replicate this model. She registered Revive Fit Studio in January of 2016 with the idea in mind that God truly can bring heaven to earth. She envisions a full community center that encompasses holistic wellness and social change through a 20% give-back model to Revive Fit’s nonprofit partner in Uganda. Join the journey and take time to pour into yourself and others all around the world!

Class Schedule

Megan Prentice

Founder & CEO

Megan has a true passion for community. She believes that fitness is the perfect setting for individuals to come together and encourage one another toward greatness.

Beginning at an early age with soccer, dance and running, Megan has always had a love for sports and fitness. She graduated from CU-Boulder in 2011 with a degree in Business Management and has since spent her time in the for-profit and non-profit sectors, including launching and managing franchises in the US and overseas. After a God-given, God-driven path that led her on several trips to east Africa, she stumbled upon her true “calling” for business with a mission. She ran “full steam ahead” and was certified by one of the best barre studios in Denver and launched Revive Fit Studio in January of 2016. Her heart for dance, fitness, unity, and giving back all merged into the “Revive Fit experience.”

Megan encourages, “We don’t have to wait until heaven to experience true life. Heaven on earth can happen right here, right now…through holistic wellness of mind, body, and spirit. Don’t wait. Come and see.”

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